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Launch Your Transformational Content On TV

Distribute Your Professionally Edited Content On Our Partners' Health/Wealth/Wisdom Channel Called More U That's Visible on 25M+ Devices And Receive Ongoing Royalties, With No Exclusivity Agreements and Never a Cost to You (Besides Your Own Content Production Costs).

Calling All Uplifting, Professionally-Edited Content

You're a content creator, and you've followed your inspiration through the storyboarding and production of an inspiring documentary, movie, short film, docuseries, or show that you know has the potential to truly change the lives of those who watch it.

Now it's time to get it in front of those people that need to see it the most, and that's where we come in.  Today, in order to reach a wide audience, currently content creators like you have two options. 


You could either...


1)  Cater the mission of your content around what Netflix will pay for, which is the content they know their viewers will watch and addictively keep watching - not necessarily the content that will most positively impact the viewers and the world.  Unless you've created an action movie or suspense film, the odds of getting bought by Netflix are slim.  And if your content does get bought, you can expect only to be paid your production costs + 30%, and forfeit all future royalty and licensing revenue.  Not an ideal solution.


2) Hire an expert team to create a marketing funnel and pay social media platforms a whole lot of ad money to drive significant attention to your content.  Unless you have something valuable and aligned to sell at the end of your content to help pay for adspend, as the Need to Grow documentary did so well, this is not a sustainable business model as you'll spend far more in adspend to acquire a viewer than your content will bring in, even if you charge up to $20 for viewers to watch.


What this means is that right now, the vast majority of content intended to inspire viewers to a deeper awareness of themselves, nature, and the possibilities of the future are left with few avenues to get it really out there

Even the leaders of the personal and spiritual development movement, with million-person email lists are reaching a cap of how many people they can reach with interruption-based advertisement and list sharing to the same people on their influencer friends' email lists.

What the world needs is an avenue for the most transformational content to reach and inspire the masses in a profitable way (besides Netflix), instead of just circulating in the same New Age circles on social media.

Viral Purpose Media's partner Best Ever Channels noticed this dilemma after Co-CEO Jonathon Barbato's 25-year career in television that included a time as a Head of Marketing for Starz TV Network. 


At a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat, Jonathon realized that hundreds of millions of viewers on regular television around the world simply couldn't find truly transformational content while surfing through channels, while the creators of that content are simultaneously looking for the avenues to reach the masses.


Jonathan realized it was time to create a television spotlight for content that could truly uplift and inspire the wellbeing of its viewers, and be visible in living rooms across the world.  The result is More U, a channel dedicated to Health, Wealth and Wisdom content, and after a year of planning the channel now live.


The channel is initially available on the Plex App, which is downloaded on 25 million devices (Smart TV's, smartphones, video game consoles) around the world.  Click here to check out the Plex App.


More U has plans to launch on Samsung, Apple TV, Roku and other platforms that will bring the channel exposure to 150M+ devices including any smartphone, video game console or Smart TV by mid-2022.

White Sand and Stone

Content Airing Process



Follow the form at the bottom of this page to submit a link to the content you would like considered (One submission per piece of content).  Our team will review it to ensure it meets our quality guidelines.



If your content fits well into the More U schedule, we will reach out to you via email or text to finalize the non-exclusivity agreement, learn how to pay you, set clear expectations, and explore future collaboration.



Your content will air as part of our live, linear program - meaning it will not be able to be fast-forwarded or rewinded and ad segments will appear every 4 times per 30 minutes.



60 days after your content airs, our partner company Best Ever Channels receives payment from the airing platform (Plex) and will then pay you, the content creator, 25% royalties of what is received for as long as your content airs.

How Much Can Your Content Earn?

The More U channel is now live on the Plex App, which is downloaded onto over 20 Million devices, from smartphones to video game consoles and smart TV's around the world.

However, More U will be rolling out onto Samsung TV, Apple TV, and Roku over the next 10 months which will place More U onto a total of over 150 million+ devices, which means reach for excellent and engaging content will multiply soon.

Below is a royalty calculation for an example viewership scenario.  All inputs are intentionally kept conservative, and keep in mind that if your content is excellent, more viewers will watch for the full length (which means more ad revenue) and if it is popular content, More U will keep it on the air for longer - meaning you collect bigger and more frequent checks.

Royalty Example

50,000 Views Per Airing

Let's say that your content averages 50,000 views per airing.  We're still rolling out the channel, but by this time next year we'll be on 150 million+ devices and this number will be conservative. (Scroll or click to the next box)

What types of content are we looking for?

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