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Meet The Team

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Joe McVeen, CEO

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After 4 years of experience operating a digital marketing agency for purpose-driven brands, Joe saw a need for a clear connection between inspiring brands and the worldwide channels looking for their professional show content.  This led to his career as an Executive Producer of various shows and documentaries, and to pivoting Viral Purpose Media as an agency that uses television as a lead magnet for the brands aiming to change the world.

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Jonathon Barbato, Strategic Partner

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Former Head of Marketing for Starz TV Network, Jonathon's career has spanned over 25 years in the television business.  As Co-CEO of Best Ever Channels, he has access to distribute content on over 100 million devices, and knows every nook and cranny of the industry to get the right content aired on the right channel for all parties to win.

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David Redish, Documentary Director

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Imagine the magic and charm of Harry Potter, but with better hair and way more style.  That's David.  An award-winning Film Director, David has spent the last 10 years creating heart-opening commercials for major brands, and has created award-winning documentaries and films of his own.

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Glo Moss, Director of Project Expansion

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A world traveler and CEO of New Earth Media, Glo literally knows virtually every purpose-driven business owner doing good for the world.  With a degree in Environmental Studies and Mapping Sciences, her brain is a supercomputer database that finds the perfect connections for regenerative solutions.


Stephen Camargo, Production Lead

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Stephen has traveled the world documenting the most transformational and regenerative brands on the planet, and has an impeccable eye for bringing the intangible to life on screen.  His skills come in handy to create incredible show productions that have a beautiful life and an energy of their own.


Brendon Rowen, Head Studio Engineer

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When you spend years on the road with Aerosmith setting up all of the lights and sound for life-changing shows, you learn a thing or two.  Brendon is a master production engineer, as well as a brilliant independent filmmaker who merges cultures and themes with professional class and has had experience on the set of Batman in the UK.

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Garrett Adkins, Viral Launch Director

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With connections to our generation's top influencers, Garrett specializes in creating and distributing viral videos that reach millions of eyes and create ripples of impact.  As CEO of Impact Media, Garrett is no stranger to getting incredible results for purpose-driven clients.


Basil Childers, Regenerative Systems Designer and Executive Producer

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With experience working on incredible documentaries like The Great Hack and Ghost Fleet, Basil is not just a genius at capturing the right moment in the right scene - he's also a systems genius who's Chief Vision Officer at decentralized media agency dSTUDIO.


Tsunami Diamond, Executive Producer

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Besides being an absolute creative genius, Tsunami's role as CEO of Ascended, Inc. places him in high level conversations across many industries including cryptocurrency, AI, AR, conscious media, and regenerative city design.

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