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Viral Launch

As a founder of a brand with a mission to change the world for the better, your marketing goal is simple - create mass adoption of your brand's core offer by as many people as possible.

Every brand's core offer is different. Whether for you this means token sales, app downloads, course sales, product sales, applications or otherwise, you need a dependable social media marketing strategy that can turn cold audience (people who don't know your brand) into warm audience (people who like you) and then into valued customers who refer you to their friends in order to create this widespread adoption successfully.

This sounds like a simple plan, but there's just one problem... On social media today, everyone has a virtual megaphone.  So the level of noise to break through in order to create mass adoption for your brand has reached incredibly high levels.

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The truth is, social media advertising is a complicated game that few people get right and actually scale properly.  If you understand the game as intimately as we do, it's a profitable science. But if you don't, it's like playing Russian Roulette with your marketing budget.

... So how do you cut through the noise?

Here's our answer...

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Step One

Our team sits down with you and your team to understand your organization's vision, goals and clear path to success during a 45-minute Viral Marketing Strategy Session.

Step Two

If there's a good fit during that strategy session, then at the end we'll offer to schedule a Strategic Business Intensive with the key members of your team and the key members of our team.  In this 120-minute intensive (priced at $5k - $15k) depending on the complexity of your launch, we'll ask a detailed series of questions to intimately understand your customer, your core offer, and the highest quality branding and marketing approach to connect the two.

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Step Three

Following your Strategic Business Intensive, our team will use the data you shared with us to compile your Viral Marketing Plan, included with your Strategic Intensive.  This detailed plan presentation will include a clear step-by-step process for a viral marketing campaign that will lead to the most cost-effective increase in visibility, impact and income for your brand, based on our team's combined expertise.

Step Four

A week or two after our Strategic Business Intensive, we'll present your Viral Marketing Plan to you and your team.  At this point you'll have a choice to either... 1) Take your Viral Marketing Plan and implement the campaign within your own team, or 2) Give us the green light and our team of experts will begin implementing the plan as soon as payment comes through to do so. Launch pricing depends entirely on complexity of launch and could range from $50k - $250k.

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Step Five

Should you choose to proceed with us, our team will begin a 10-16 week pre-launch phase where we’ll lay the foundation to turn your digital presence into a revenue machine. This includes planning and filming all video on-site, crafting email marketing autoresponder sequences, optimizing conversion strategies, brand awareness, strategic partnership formation, funnel design, Facebook ad copywriting, etc.

Step Six

At the end of your pre-launch phase, when we’re sure that every T is crossed and I is dotted, it’s time for your brand to go viral. When we press the big red button, throughout the course of 2 weeks your carefully-crafted viral videos and shareable content will be distributed through our influencer network and will show up organically on millions of Facebook feeds.

Beauty of Flight

Step Seven

Some percentage of these viewers will convert to sales immediately, but more importantly we'll be gathering target-able data on every single view, click and purchase.  With this fresh data in-hand, our Facebook ad re-targeting team will get to work putting high-conversion ads in front of those who have engaged most with your viral content.

Step Eight

Our team will continue to test and measure different messages for your re-targeting audience.  When we get the combination just right, your monthly ad-spend actually becomes a revenue machine where you put $1 in one side and $3 or more comes out the other side.

Rocket Launch

Ready to Get Started?

Follow the button below to send our team a message and we'll arrange for a time to connect and come up with the best unique solution for your mission and brand.

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